What stories about Moses do Jewish people love to remember?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 120122 Published: 30 September 2011 Format: Download Pages: Phase: View PDF extract £8.80


This PDF unit enables pupils to explore, question and respond to the stories, teachings and experience of contemporary inspirational people, leaders, texts, music and the influence of these on the individual. The focus is on developing learners' understanding of what makes a good leader; the life of Moses is an example.

This unit will help teachers to enable quality learning in RE by providing them with well worked examples of teaching and learning about stories of Moses and their importance in the Jewish community. Pupils will be enabled to explore, question and respond to the life and work of an inspirational leader from the Jewish religion and enjoy some great interactive storytelling. They will be able to think about what makes a leader.

Suitable for Year Group 1

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