Inspiring RE: Sikhs

Inspiring RE: Sikhs

Julia Diamond-Conway

ISBN: 190101 Published: 07 January 2019 Format: A4 Paperback Pages: 33 Phase: Primary £10.00


The teaching ideas in this book allow pupils to explore Sikhism from its origins to Sikhs living today.

Help pupils:
- engage their senses to find out about the gurdwara
- discover stories of Guru Nanak and their significance for Sikh people
- use quotes from young Sikhs alongside photos, exploring what it means to be a British Sikh today
- consider the importance of sewa and the ways it can be done
- find out why some Sikhs join the Khalsa and when someone might be ready to take on this

Use the Ready Steady RE section to discover lots of additional lesson ideas and focus on how to teach about Sikhism by using the handy 'dos and don'ts' grid.

This is a must-have for anyone teaching 4-11s about Sikhs.

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