Examining religion and belief: Jews

Stephen Pett

ISBN: 190301 Published: 01 September 2019 Format: A4 Paperback Pages: 36 Phase: Secondary £9.90


This book offers authentic, first-hand sources, creative ideas and resources for deepening students encounter with Jews and Judaism. Designed to be flexible and practical, for you to use and adapt in your classroom, the book includes:
An introduction to branches of Judaism
The voices of young Jews on life in Britain today
Concise introductions to the Tanakh and Talmud, to Jewish prayer and to Liberal Judaism
An infographic giving data on Jews in England and Wales
A unit on the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (for 11-14s)
A case study on Machsom Watch (for 14-16s).

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