Examining Religion and Belief - Hindus

Examining Religion and Belief - Hindus

Stephen Pett

ISBN: 190304 Published: 01 January 2020 Format: Paperback Pages: 36 Phase: £10.00


This book offers authentic, first-hand sources, creative ideas and resources for deepening studentsí encounter with Hindus and Hinduism. Designed to be flexible and practical, for you to use and adapt in your classroom, the book includes:

The voices of teenage Hindus on life in Britain today

Concise introductions to Hindu texts, with more in-depth study of Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 and the Ramayana

An infographic giving data on Hindus in the UK and beyond

Units on human nature (for 11-14s) and Ultimate Reality (for 14-16s)

Case studies on Shankara and Ramanuja.

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