REtoday 38:3

REtoday 38:3

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 200361 Published: 01 April 2020 Format: Paperback Pages: 92 Phase: Crossphase £25.00


This issue of REtoday, along with the recent and remarkable Strictly RE at Home conference, which attracted nearly 400 participants, is focused on issues of justice, and particularly on issues around race and ethnicity. Of course, there is a continuing controversy within the RE professional communities about whether RE teaching has any special responsibility for pupils moral development and their attitudes towards diversity, otherness and injustice.
Those voices that argue for goals in RE that are purely (merely?) knowledge-focused tend to scepticism about purposes for the subject that include reducing prejudice.
But perhaps the argument worth having is the broader one around the issue of how and why schools in a democratic society choose the values they seek to transmit.
Seeking equity for all is both a rationale for democratic education and a reason why many of you reading this chose to be
teachers. In assembling the rich range of thought and learning ideas that we proudly present in this issue, I wanted to enable you to examine what justice looks like from many different religious viewpoints and to consider with your learners whether they wish to strengthen their own commitments to equity it is close to the core purpose of my own commitment to education and to religious education.

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