REtoday Vol 39:2

REtoday Vol 39:2

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 220101 Published: 01 January 2022 Format: Paperback Pages: 100 Phase: £25.00


The pulling power of pilgrimage to the likes of Arbaeen and Varanasi, Jerusalem and Uluru, Stonehenge and the Sea of Galilee is still there, and something within human hearts connects to the geography of spirituality with surprising force. Even tourists know this. The disciplines and yearnings of pilgrims intensify it and somehow or other, through the commercialisation and nonsense of pilgrim-tourism, a sparkling vision is realised rather often.
In RE we might try to get pupils to consider the big questions this raises. Maybe it is not the crowd nor the volume of noise, not the history nor the cost, not even the discipline nor the tradition, but the heart of the devotees that makes the possibility of being transformed by a pilgrimage a surprisingly good bet. Here in our magazine this term are numerous articles to stimulate and spark your RE for the topic of pilgrimages and journeys. Read, learn, enjoy and practice.

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