Persona Dolls in Religious Education

Shahne Vickery

ISBN: 9780955661129 Published: Format: A4 loose leaf in ring binder Pages: 56 Phase: Primary £35.00
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This unique resource provides all you need to use this multi-sensory and interactive way of helping young children 'meet' and 'get to know' someone from each of five religions: Elizabeth (Christian); Samuel (Jewish); Harjeet (Sikh); Hasan (Muslim); and Alka (Hindu).

Written by Shahne Vickery, Primary Adviser with Gloucester Anglican Diocese.

Published by Jumping Fish Publications.

The file provides:

- A 'persona' for each doll - details of personalities, family, religious and cultural backgrounds, likes, dislikes and stories

- Links to four RE teaching units: Being Special; Special People; Special Places and Special Times

- A unique 'backpack' strategy for focusing children's interest and questions; suggestions of special objects of significance linked to each dolls' religious persona

- A CD-ROM, 'Special Places', containing five MS Powerpoint presentations of the dolls visiting their places of worship.

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