Inspiring RE: Muslims

Fiona Moss

ISBN: 9781910261224 Published: 04 September 2017 Format: A4 Paperback Pages: 32 Phase: £10.00


This new series of nine curriculum books, Inspiring RE, was planned by a group of primary RE subject leaders. It is designed to be a series for classroom teachers and subject leaders to help them improve the teaching of RE in their classroom and across the school, and to improve pupils' subject knowledge as well as their own. The publication aims to be considered, insightful, practical as well as engaging and encouraging.

This opening book in the series focuses on Muslims, looking at what being a Muslim really means to some of the approximately 2.8 million Muslims living in Britain today. Our new section 'Ready Steady RE' suggests some starters for teaching about Muslims and the religion of Islam. For our youngest children we look at prayer mats and the key celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. The key concept of Ibadah - both worship and any action that is performed with the intention of obeying Allah - is the focus for 9 - 11s. Our final units focus on different aspects of sacred text, including the amazing story of the 'Birmingham Qur'an'. Discovered in 2013, it is a manuscript of four truly ancient pages of the Qur'an, dating from the earliest decades of the Muslim religion and now given pride of place in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

For 9 - 11s there is a focus on Hadith related to both women and education, and they can also find out about the lives of certain Muslim women. The unit provides a mystery strategy on the life of educational activist Malala Yousafzai.


"As a Muslim teacher of primary aged pupils, I was highly impressed by the content of this book! I loved the amount of small but important details which had been included such as the note about the 'pbuh' being used after saying the name of prophet Muhammed. The lesson ideas are highly relevant and engaging for all. I love the fact that the planned activities are hands on where pupils are kept active and constantly thinking: a real gem for deeper thinking! One of the best features of this magazine is the easy-to-access additional eResources - a very modern and sophisticated approach to gaining additional resources! Overall, this book is invaluable as an up-to-date and informative resource for teachers of primary aged children. It is highly relevant and easy to use. I highly recommend it!"
Saima Saleh, September 2017

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