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REtoday Magazine
REtoday Magazine
is published three times a year in September, January and April by RE Today Services.
REtoday magazine is divided into six main sections: Focus; Classroom 4-19; Story & emails from the classroom; Staffroom; News; Reviews.
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Growing in RE
Guidance on teaching RE in special schools by Anne Krisman for RE Today.
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Religious Believers Visiting Schools
Schools do well to welcome believers from different faith communities to make a
contribution to learning. This guidance and code of conduct is offered to give help
to schools and religious visitors to make the most of the opportunities available,
and to avoid some of the pitfalls.
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Primary Subjects RE - Supporting gifted and talented children
This issue looks at how focusing on talk can help us to challenge all pupils, including the most able, by scaffolding and extending their questioning. There are some strategies to help you do this and an art theme for classroom teachers to explore.
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Primary Subjects RE - Making every child matter
Jen Brookes offers advice to RE subject leaders; then Paul Hopkins, Julie Grove, Helen Harrison and Claire Clinton offer some practical ways of weaving the ECM agenda into your RE lessons
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Primary Subjects RE - Engaging with globalisation
How do young children form opinions about the wider world? TV news carries stories from virtually every corner of the globe. In RE we can challenge, inform and extend these opinions in a secure way.
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Toledo guiding principles on teaching about religions and beliefs in public schools prepared by the ODHIR advisory council of experts on freedom of religion or belief.
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