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Christian stories

Why do people tell stories about Jesus?

Using sacred story with young children

Using Bible stories in the classroom

The parable of the lost son

The parable of the lost sheep

Jesus calms a storm (nature miracle)

The widow’s mite

Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus

Jesus heals a Roman centurion

Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter

Jesus and Zacchaeus the tax

Creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2

God the Creator

The Parable of the Lost Coin


Why did God send a Rainbow?

Christianity (OURE) pp 2-5

Sacred Stories (EAT) pp.5–8

Faith Stories (DPRE) pp.3–8

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.4–5

Faith Stories (DPRE) p.16

Faith Stories (DPRE) p.15

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.2–4

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.8–9

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.10–11

Puzzling Questions (EAT) pp.18–20

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.12–13

Picturing Creation (picture pack)

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.8–11

Christianity (OURE) pp 2-5

Christianity (OURE) pp 2-5

Promises (OURE) pp 8-13


Who am I?

Who is Jesus?


Following Jesus the leader

Who was Jesus?

Jesus (by worldwide contemporary artists)

Who do Christians say God is like?

Opening up Belonging (OURE) pp.13–16

Jesus: His Importance to Believers (DPRE)

Leaders and Followers (EAT) pp.2–9

Leaders and Followers (EAT) pp.14–17

Picturing Jesus Pack B (picture pack)

Picturing Jesus: Fresh Ideas (picture pack)

Christianity (OURE) pp 10-13)


Wisdom and story in the Bible

Wisdom from the Bible

Why is the Bible important for Christians today?

Sacred Stories (EAT) pp.22–7

Words of Wisdom (DPRE) pp.4–9

Christianity (OURE) pp 25-30


Christmas: across the primary age range

Christmas – the annunciation to Mary

Christmas – celebrating Jesus’ birthday

Belonging to a Christian family at Christmas

Christmas and Easter

Lent and Advent:preparing to celebrate



Easter (using story and pictures)

Easter labyrinth

Easter story for younger children


Easter: across the primary age range

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane


Easter: Remembering Jesus with younger children

Easter: Sorrow and Joy - using spiritual music

Easter:New beginnings - hope from despair

Easter: Was the crucifixion of Jesus a sacrifice?

Easter: Creating and Easter experience/labyrinth

Easter: What does Easter really mean (Poetry focus)

Why do people have food at special times

Why do Christians celebrate Harvest?

Christmas: A Year by Year Approach (DPRE)

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.2–3

Journey of Life and Death (EAT) p.8

Religion Around Me (EAT) pp 8–13

Exploring Worship (EAT) pp.6–7

Christianity (OURE) pp 20-24

Opening up Easter (OURE)

Picturing Easter (picture pack)

Celebrations (EAT) pp.13–15

Celebrations (EAT) pp.16–20

Journey of Life and Death (EAT) pp.2–5

Special Times (DPRE) pp.6–12

Special Times (DPRE) p.5

Faith Stories (DPRE) p.17

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.6–7

Easter (OURE) pp3-7

Easter (OURE) pp 8-11

Easter (OURE) pp 12-15

Easter (OURE) pp 16-19

Easter (OURE) pp20-25

Easter (OURE) pp. 26-29

Creativity (OURE) pp. 2-6

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.18-24


Exploring dance in Christian worship

Using sound to learn about Christianity

Exploring a Christian image

Why do Christians pray?

Why do Christians..?

Symbols of Faith (DPRE) p.8

Symbols of Faith (DPRE) p.13

Symbols of Faith (DPRE) pp.17–18

Creativity (OURE) pp20-26

Christianity (OURE) pp 14-9

Family life

Christian family life

The Christian home

Infant baptism

Belonging to a Christian family: baptism

How do people give thanks for a new baby?

What do Christians promise when they welcome a new baby?

Why do people make marriage vows?

Home and Family (DPRE) pp.13–15

Home and Family (DPRE) pp.18–20

Home and Family (DPRE) pp.3–4

Opening up Belonging (OURE) pp.2–4

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.10-11

Promises (OURE) pp. 20-24

Promises (OURE) pp. 25-31

Sacred places

The church – Christian place of worship

Visiting a local church with young children

Special Places (DPRE) pp.10–13

Religion Around Me (EAT) pp.2–7

Meet faith members

Meeting Christian worshippers

Meeting a local Christian minister

How does one family follow Jesus today?

Meet Nathan and Dora (young Christians)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Sister Frances Dominica

Exploring Worship (EAT) pp.16–21

Leaders and Followers (EAT) pp.18–21

Leaders and Followers (EAT) pp.22–5

Religion Around Me (EAT) pp.18–21

Special People (DPRE) pp.2–5

Special People (DPRE) pp.6–9

Codes for living

Making and keeping promises

Making hard decisions

Exploring religious codes for living

Exploring the Golden Rule

Exploring Codes for Living (EAT) pp.2–11

Exploring Codes for Living (EAT) pp.15–19

Exploring Codes for Living (EAT) pp.20–3

Exploring Codes for Living (EAT) pp.24–7


Learning from Christian values: love


Changing the world (Christians and Hindus)

Justice and peace (Archbp John Sentamu)

Christian action against poverty (webquest)

Why is it good to say thank you?

Why is it good to remember those who fight in war?

Why should religious people give generously?

Caring for others: How do Christians and Sikhs help

Promises, Promises

Opening up Values (OURE) pp.2–7

Opening up Respect (OURE)

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.20–5

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.26–32

Beliefs in Action in the World (EAT) pp.14–19

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.2-7

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.25-30

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.14-17

Promises (OURE) pp. 14-19

Promises (OURE) pp. 2-7

Subject Leader
Representing Christianity

Making progress; learning about and from Easter, progression grid
Christianity (OURE) pp.31-32

Easter (OURE pp.30-32

Note on abbreviations:

DPRE = Developing Primary RE series, edited by Joyce Mackley
EAT = Exploring a Theme series, edited by Joyce Mackley
OURE = Opening up RE series: edited by Joyce Mackley (bks 1–3), Fiona Moss (bks 4–12)