Resources for Teaching Hinduism (Primary)

Further classroom activities exploring Hinduism from RE Today curriculum publications


RE Today curriculum book/series

Hindu stories

Rama and Sita

Stories of Lord Krishna

The seed and the banyan tree

Svetaketu and the salt water

Durga and the Buffalo Demon


Hindu story of creation


Faith Stories (DPRE) p 18

Moving on Up – using stories p 9

Stories about God (DPRE) p 18

Stories about God (DPRE) p 18

Stories about God (DPRE) p 20

Stories about God (DPRE) p 22

Puzzling Questions (EAT) pp 27-32

Sacred Stories (EAT) pp6-8

Holy books

Learning about and learning from Hindu holy books

Opening up Hindu sacred texts

Words of Wisdom (DPRE) p 22

Hinduism (OURE) pp 26-29


Gandhi (non-violence/ahimsa)

Special People (DPRE) p 14


Raksha Bandhan

Divali: Lakshmi – goddess of good fortune

Divali: Hindu and Sikh perspectives

Divali: What does Divali mean to Hindus?

Doing Divali better in RE

Navratri: using dance to engage in festival

Symbols of Faith (DPRE) p 30

Special Times (DPRE) p 13

Celebrations (EAT) pp 21-26

Hinduism (OURE) pp8-11

Hinduism (OURE) pp12-13

Celebrations (EAT) pp 8-9


Exploring actions used in worship: dance, hands

Exploring Hindu murtis (gods) in Hinduism

Meet Nia and Saksham

Hindu ideas about the goddess

Symbols of Faith (DPRE) pp 6-7

Symbols of Faith (DPRE) pp 19-20

Worship (EAT) pp26-29

Hinduism (OURE) pp14-19

Sacred places

Pilgrimage to the River Ganges

Special Places (DPRE) p 26

Family life

Hindu wedding promises

Hindu home

Rites of passage: life as journey/sacred thread/marriage

Why do people make marriage vows?

Home and Family (DPRE) p 12

Home and Family (DPRE) p 26

Journey of Life and Death (EAT) p 11

Promises (OURE) pp. 25-31

Meet faith members

Meet Rohit (10 year old)

Meet Nia and Saksham

Religion Around Me (EAT) p 24

Worship (EAT) pp 26-29

Codes for living

Making hard decisions (Hindu ethics)

Codes for Living (EAT) p 19


Being Good

Hindus and Christians: changing the world

Hindu ideas about actions and consequences

Values (OURE) pp 19-23

Beliefs in Action (EAT) pp 20-25

Hinduism (OURE) pp20-25

Subject Leader

Representing Hinduism

Hinduism (OURE) pp 30-32