Primary School Resources for Teaching Islam

Further classroom activities exploring Islam from RE Today publications


RE Today Book/Series

Muslim stories

The night of power (revelation of Qur’an)

The Prophet and the first revelation of the Qur’an

Muhammad’s night journey

Bilal – the first muezzin

Prophet Muhammad and the thirsty camel

Muhammad and the thirsty dog

The story of two brothers (traditional story)

The great sacrifice (a story of Prophet Ibrahim)

Creative storytelling with young children

The walnut and watermelon (puzzling questions)

Why did God send a Rainbow?

Stories about God (DPRE), pp.25–26

Moving on Up, pp.6–8

Stories about God (DPRE), pp.27–8

Faith Stories (DPRE), pp.26–7

Faith Stories (DPRE), pp.28–9

The Journey of Life and Death (EAT), p.9

Beliefs in Action (EAT), pp.5–6

Sacred Stories (EAT), pp.10–11

Islam (OURE) pp2-7

Creativity (OURE) pp 7-12

Promises (OURE) pp. 8-13


Who was Muhammad?

Celebrating Muhammad’s birthday

What do Muslims believe? Exploring Allah and Muhammad

Leaders and Followers (EAT), pp.26–8

The Journey of Life and Death (EAT), p.9

Islam pp 8-13


The Qur’an – revelation, authority and influence

Our books are special (Qur’an) (4–7s)

Using Muslim story with 5–7s

The impact of the Qur’an on Muslims today

Opening up the Qu'ran

Teaching sacred text creatively: The Adhan; Muhammad's farewell sermon

Words of Wisdom (DPRE), pp.16–21

Sacred Stories (EAT), p.3

Sacred Stories (EAT), pp.10–11

Moving on Up, pp 6–8

Islam (OURE) pp 14-19

Creativity (OURE) pp13-19


Id-ul-Fitr and Id-ul-Adha

Using an artefact to explore Id-ul-Fitr

Special Times (DPRE), pp.17–23

Celebrations (EAT), pp.10–12



Prayer in Islam

Meeting an imam

Special Places (DPRE), pp.17–19

Symbols of Faith (DPRE), pp.9–10

Leaders and Followers (EAT), pp.29–32

Family life

Aqiqah ceremony in Islam (birth)

Growing up and taking responsibility in Islam

Stories of belonging: Baptism; Aqiqah; Shabbat; Langar

How do people give thanks for a new baby?

Home and Family (DPRE), p.6

Home and Family (DPRE), p.9

Belonging (OURE) pp 2-7

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.8-9

Meet faith members

Yusuf Islam (conversion and commitment)

Meet Yahya – a 10-year-old Muslim

Meet Fatima (Shia) and Harris (Sunni): 11-year-olds

Meeting Yusuf (Muslim persona doll activity)

Meet Salma

Special People (DPRE), pp.18–21

Religion Around Me, (EAT), pp.26–7

Worship (EAT),

Puzzling Questions (EAT), pp.6–8

Sacred Stories (EAT), pp.10–11

Codes for living/ conduct

Muslim code of conduct

Yusuf Islam – Small Kindness charity

Why should religious people give generously

Exploring Codes for Living (EAT), pp 19, 22, 25, 26

Special People (DPRE), pp.18–21

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.14-17

Art and Islam

Using art from religion: Islam

Exploring Islamic patterns

Exploring pattern and shape in Islam

Inspiring Visual RE (Primary), pp.14–15

Symbols of Faith (DPRE), pp.15–16

Islam (OURE), pp 25-30


Islam: peace

What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?

Opening up Values (OURE), pp.13-18

Islam (OURE) pp25-30

Subject Leader

Representing Islam

Islam (OURE) pp31-32