Primary School Resources for Teaching Judaism

Further classroom activities exploring Judaisem from REtoday curriculum publications

Topic RE Today curriculum book/series

Jewish stories


Abraham and Isaac


Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Moses – turning points activity


Faith Stories (DPRE) pp.22

Faith Stories (DPRE) pp.24

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.12

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.14

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.16

Moving on Up, p.12

Exploring Sacred Stories (EAT) pp.12–13


Rabbi Hugo Gryn

Meeting a rabbi

Special People (DPRE) pp.10

Leaders and Followers (EAT) pp10–13

Holy books

Torah and tradition within Judaism

Jewish Torah

Teaching sacred text creatively: The Shema

Words of Wisdom (DPRE) pp.10–15

Sacred Stories (EAT) pp.3–4

Creativity (OURE) pp 13-19


Pesach (Passover) – freedom and hope

Succot: using song

Hanukkah: real meaning of the festival

Simchat Torah and Shavuot (giving of Torah)

Shabbat: a special time

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Special Times (DPRE) pp.23

Exploring Celebrations(EAT) pp.5–7

Exploring Celebrations (EAT) pp.28–33

Words of Wisdom (DPRE) pp.11–13

Judaism (OURE) pp 2-7

Judaism (OURE) pp 14-18


The synagogue

Meet Samuel (Orthodox) and Michelle (Liberal)

The Synagogue

Special Places (DPRE) p.14

Exploring Worship (EAT) pp.22–25

Judaism (OURE) pp 8-13

Sacred places

Temple in Jerusalem

Moving on Up, p.28

Family life

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Jewish home

Jewish family meal (Shabbat)

How do people give thanks for a new baby?

Home and Family (DPRE) p.7

Home and Family (DPRE) p.21

Belonging (OURE) p.6

Thankfulness (OURE) pp.12-13

Meet faith members

Meeting a rabbi

Persona doll: Samuel (EYFS)

Meet Samuel (8 year old): festivals focus

Meet Samuel (Orthodox) and Michelle (Liberal) (Worship focus)

Leaders and Followers (EAT) pp10–13

Exploring Puzzling Questions (EAT) pp.8–9

Exploring Religion Around Me (EAT) p.28

Exploring Worship (EAT) pp.22–25

Codes for living/ conduct

Ten Commandments

Unpacking the Ten Commandments

Exploring Codes for Living (EAT) pp.20–22

Exploring Sacred Stories (EAT) pp.18-19


Hope: story of Noah/Hanukkah

Looking after our world

Why continue being Jewish? The Holocaust and meaningful RE

Opening up Values (OURE) p.8-12

Judaism (OURE) pp 19-24

Judaism (OURE) pp25-30

Subject Leader

Representing Judaism

Judaism (OURE) pp31-32